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75 Laser Course


Master your skills and elevate your career to become an Advanced Esthetician today!

Provided at Advanced Salon S-708194   by GGAMA   $4,500

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Provided at Advanced Salon S-708194 by GGAMA   $4,500

Are you a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician who would like to learn the skills needed to work with cosmetic lasers? Do you want to deliver some of the most sought-after procedures with the highest level of skill?  If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in luck! GGAMA is excited to offer our new 75-Hour Laser Certification to obtain your Advanced Esthetician License. In this course, you will learn to confidently provide the latest cosmetic laser procedures while utilizing an award winning backbar of clean cosmeceuticals™. Our 75-hour training course combines classroom and hands-on learning on Medicreations devices and Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals®. By the end of our course, you will feel more than ready to take the cosmetic laser industry by storm. 

Master your skills and elevate your career to become an Advanced Esthetician today!

  • Certificate of completion accepted by the Nevada Board of Cosmetology to obtain your Advanced Esthetic License
  • Make your own schedule 
  • All Active Estheticians and Cosmetologist are eligible 
  • In-person learning environment with 5 students per class or fewer

Course Objectives

  • Gain knowledge from Aesthetic Medicine Industry experts 
  • Complete comprehensive laser curriculum written by Cosmetic Laser Legal Expert and Master Esthetician Linda Gulla
  • Experience practical clinic simulation classes and in person theory taught by Licensed Advanced Esthetics Instructor Countess Courtney
  • Gain confidence with operating and applying many types of aesthetic lasers that contain cutting-edge technology


  • Part I- Visible Light Spectrum
  • Part II- Laser Physics
  • Part III- Laser Applications & Cutaneous Physiology / Ethnicity
  • Part IV – Types of Laser & Modalities
  • Part V- Tissue Regeneration
  • Part VI- Lasers in Dermatology & Medicine
  • MediDiode
  • MediLight
  • MediYag